About Us

Cambodian Harvest Dried Fruit Co. Ltd. is a registered company in the Kingdom of Cambodia. We are situated in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia.


The company began in October 2004.  The purpose of the company has always been to employ land mine survivors who have been unable to find employment in Cambodia because of disabilities sustained in mine accidents. Disability of any kind disqualifies them from employment in most aspects of the work force.


Cambodian Harvest Dried Fruit Co. Ltd. manufactures a range of very high quality and unique glacé dried fruit and jam. Our Australian process and high health standards ensure that we can export our products overseas to countries like Japan and Australia, who have the highest health requirements in the world. Our products are sold throughout Cambodia and exported to Singapore, Japan, Korea and Australia.


Our current staff of 35 has the benefit of clean and healthy working conditions, higher than normal salaries, health care, employment training and opportunities for advancement for both male and female employees.  Accommodation is provided on the premises for four single ladies and security staff.  Cambodian Harvest senior management team has all survived a land mine accidents.


Cambodian Harvest Dried Fruit Co. Ltd. gives employees restoration of self esteem, improved quality of life, job security, poverty alleviation and the ability to feed and educate their families, returning them to a normal life and giving families

hope for the future. 


Cambodian Harvest Dried Fruit Co. Ltd's aim is to demonstrate to the world the valuable contribution that people with disabilities can make to the economy and also provide new markets for the fruit growers of Cambodia.  We are a company that upholds the highest standards of integrity in business.  Cambodian Harvest's CEO is an Australian volunteer who does not draw a salary from the Company and all the profits are returned to the Company to expand its sustainability and employ more staff with disabilities.


Cambodian Harvest Dried Fruit Co. Ltd. is supported by donations from Australia through Australian Mercy, a registered charity, who received donations from Australians who are concerned about the plight of land mine survivors.




Cambodian Harvest Dried Fruit Col. Ltd

#27, Street 470 Toul Tompoung II Khan Chamkarmorn Phnom Penh Cambodia. PO Box: 486 Phnom Penh

Tel: 855-23 220 910 Fax: 855-23 224 808 H/P: 855-99 777 010 H/P: 855-92 477 951 H/P: 855-92 259 601