Our proudest achievement is seeing our staff flourish

Of all the achievements of Cambodian Harvest Dried Fruit Co. Ltd, our biggest achievement is seeing the difference we have been able to make in the lives of the many landmine survivors who have worked with us. Since our humble beginnings in 2004, we have helped over 100 Cambodians gain new skills, confidence and the respect of their fellow countrymen. The opportunities afforded our staff have also contributed to improved futures for their children such as being able to attend school, improved nutrition, health care and the knowledgte that they too can achieve great things. Some of these children have now gone on to university.  There are currently 44 Cambodian staff employed with Cambodian Harvest, with considerable scope for expansion, which will in turn offer more employment opportunities for landmine survivors.

We need your help to achieve our vision 

There is still much to do to fulfill our vision of providing a self-supporting factory and accommodation for many landmine survivors.
  • 18 more staff houses need to be built
  • To move into the new factory & houses we need 3 phase power (US20,000)
  • New deeper well & pumps (US$6,000)
  • Bigger factory to be built by 2020 (concept picture to be added soon)

2016 Australian Telstra Business Woman in Asia nomination

CEO Marion Fromm has recently been nominated for the above award in recognition of the the incredible work done to build Cambodian Harvest Dried Fruit Co. Ltd., into a leading manufacturer of processed fruit products including dried mango, papaya, pineapple and ginger, and jams, marmalades and chutneys. The factory provides work, education and a future for people with disabilities, who suffer discrimination in the local community because of their disability.


2016 Factory, Accommodation, Children's Learning Centre & Child Care Facility

  • New factory completed June 2016
  • 6 new staff houses to be finished end of October
  • Children’s learning centre & child care facility for staff & local children starting construction 

2011 Export Opportunities 

In 2011 the Cambodian Government took a strong stand to ban the giving and/or receiving of bribes. Prior to bribery being outlawed in Cambodia, it was not feasible to export our produce overseas. 

Since 2011 the following export opportunies have opened up for Cambodian Harvest.

  • 2014 Korea 
  • 2013 New Zealand 
  • 2012 Japan 
  • 2011 Australia 
  • 2011 Singapore

2010 Two New Staff Houses Built

In 2010 two new staff houses were built on our own land. This is the first step in our vision to provide accommodation for those employees who are in the most desparate need for a place to stay. In many cases these are the female landmine survivors who are caring for children without a husband or partner to assist them.


2010 Prime Minister's Gold Medal Award 

On 10 June 2010, Marion Fromm was awarded the Cambodian Prime Minister's Gold Medal Award at the SMEs Annual Gala Dinner. The award was presented in recognition of her dedication and work to build Cambodian Harvest Dried Fruit Co. Ltd. into a major manufacturing plant that provides training, counselling and employment for landmine survivors in Cambodia.


2008 Cambodian Harvest Dried Fruit Co. Ltd registered as a company

Registered initially as RTC Cambodia and operating as an non-governmental organization (NGO). In 2008 we took the next step to foster growth and self-sufficiency by registering Cambodian Harvest Dried Fruit Co. Ltd. as our company name.


2007 Farm and land purchased

In 2007 we purchased a Farm and land enable Cambodian Harvest to become more self sufficient, growing and harvesting our own fruit. The vision for this land is that it will ultimately provide accommodation for many Cambodian Harvest staff and will be the site of a factory designed specifically to meet the unique needs of our employees. 

30 tons of mangoes have been harvested each year,
enabling more control over the whole dried fruit production process.


2006 Employer of the Year Award

In 2006 RTC (the original name of Cambodian Harvest Co. Ltd) was awarded Employer of the Year Award by the Business Advisory Council. 

The award was issued in recognition of the work done by our organisation to train, employ and assist the many staff with disabilities. The focus of our organisation has always been to assist landmine survivors and in particular those suffering from leg amputations.


2004 Humble Beginnings

In 2004 Marion Fromm rented a building to house a factory and training centre in Phnom Penh. This first premises began operations under the name of RTC Cambodia.